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Lingerie | Sassie Lassie Lingerie Shoppe Howard,WI

First and foremost, Sassie Lassie is a lingerie shop. We understand that for many women, confidence is only skin deep and part of embracing...

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Marital Aids

Marital Aids  | Sassie Lassie Lingerie Shoppe Howard,WI

Every woman is different and no two relationships are the same. At Sassie Lassie, we understand that sometimes, every relationship needs a little spice.

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Bachelorette Items

Bachelorette Items | Sassie Lassie Lingerie Shoppe Howard,WI

Bachelor parties have long been a staple of pre-wedding festivities but bachelorette parties are also growing in popularity.

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Welcome To Sassie Lassie Lingerie Shoppe

As every woman knows, wearing sexy, great fitting underwear can make or break a day. Having bras and panties that make you feel great about yourself can give a woman confidence and self-assurance. Lingerie can serve as a critical part of your daily routine, as well as a great gift for a girlfriend or wife. High quality undergarments compliment your body in a way inexpensive products simply cannot. At Sassie Lassie, every woman is guaranteed to find whatever she desires. Set in the quaint village of Howard, Wisconsin, Sassie Lassie is the premier location for high quality underwear and material aides in Howard and the rest of the Green Bay metro area.

While some women are passionate about having high quality undergarments for daily use and others are not as interested, there’s no denying that feeling good underneath can be the secret to feeling good on the outside. Sassie Lassie wants to help every woman feel like a goddess, inside and out. Whether you want to buy yourself something special or you want to buy the greatest woman in your life an extraordinary gift, we will help in any way possible. We also stock a large variety of material items and bachelorette gifts for all of your naughty needs.

No matter your size or your taste, Sassie Lassie has something for everyone. Whether you know what you want or you’re just browsing, we invite you to stop by and check out our selection. We guarantee you’ll be pleased.

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